Hot Leather

August 1, 2019
I did a couple performances on the tour. In Denver, Lawrence and Chicago. Here's a video from Denver ( Also here's some pics of me performing and also cool shit from the tour I've seen.
Me rocking out in Chicago
I saw this in the venue in Burnsville, MN
I saw these in some Pilot in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin.
Also at this Pilot there was a Wendy's attached to it and this old dude cut in the line and everyone was like wtf and he was like I thought all these people we're waiting for food and I was like they're clearly standing in line in between these metal gates and he was like sorry I didn't see the line and I was like maybe you should open your eyes and he said something and called me Sonny. Wisconsin is a pretty stupid state but also really pretty. Minnesota is pretty stupid. I went to a place called “Clive’s Roadhouse” with Lotus and Sage and the lady working said that they were still serving food (it was 11 pm) and then when we sat down someone came over and said the kitchen was closed and he recommended a TGI Friday’s but it was like miles away. We went to a Denny’s instead. I ordered a steak. Now we’re going back to Chicago for our off day before Detroit. I want to see Jerome’s Dream because they’re playing in Chicago but idk if I’ll get there in time. It would be sick though.

July 27, 2019
I'm in Denver tonight.

July 23, 2019

wtf is up hot leatherettes!!!!! the hot leather site is finally up thanks to the GCEU webmaster Pentillionaire. I'm in portland, or (the city of my birth) selling merch for Smrtdeath. come buy some shit. also make sure you stream brain poison.