Hot Leather

Tour Day 8

Last night was probably the most fun show of the tour. The guy who runs the venue is a friend of mine that I’ve known since the very first time I went on tour in 2009/2010 with a super old project I did. Spirit Prison and Eichlers both killed it. They were so good. Hard Christ sang at the show instead of yelling and it was sick. I did pretty good. It feels awesome to see and hear people singing along to your songs. I fucked up the keyboard part to “sk8 or cry” the 3 times I tried to play it so I’m going to practice that when I get a chance.

We’re gonna be driving to my parents house in Ontario, Oregon for the show tomorrow. It got moved from Guru Donuts to another TBA venue. Check my Instagram story or twitter to stay updated. We have to drive a long way to avoid driving in Idaho (rental agreement) so it’s going to add 3 or 4 hours to the drive there. It sucks but whatever.

I’m excited to see my parents. My dads been having a lot of health problems lately so it will be cool to see him in case it gets worse.

Connor said that people are coming to the Hot Leather site and staying on it for longer than some other sites he has the analytics for which is really cool. If you’re reading this thanks for everything.

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