Hot Leather

Tour Day 7

We had two days off and spent one day in Las Vegas and one just driving. Las Vegas was crazy. I hated it and also loved it. It was sick how the people on the street just give you these escort business cards. We went to a couple casinos and walked around. I tried to get a show for us while we were there but I wasn’t able to. We went to this pretty good Chinese buffet. I couldn’t find any bowls so I had to eat ice cream on a plate. The plate was warm so the ice cream immediately started melting. We couldn’t sleep in any Walmart’s in Las Vegas so we had to get a room in a motel.

We were supposed to play in Denver but I couldn’t go to Colorado as per the rental agreement of the car so we drove to Salt Lake City. We walked around Temple Square for a little bit and then parked near a 7-eleven and hung out there for hours until my friend got home. He has a lot of pets including a snake. I love holding snakes. I kind of want one. We’re playing in Salt Lake City tonight and then we have to drive a crazy way to Oregon because I can’t drive in Idaho (rental agreement again) and then play Boise the day after tomorrow.

After Boise there aren’t any more days off which is cool. I hate days off on tour.