Hot Leather

Tour Day 10/11

I forgot to post a blog about the show last night so I’ll just make an update on the show last night and the show I played tonight.

We played in Caldwell instead of Boise last night. We played at this venue called The Manor. It’s one of the best house venues in the United States. I’ve played there a bunch and I’ve been going to shows there for like 10 years. The first time I went to a show I saw two local bands (Scarf and For Fucks Sake) the cops came during Scarf’s set and shut down the show so my friends and I went to this dude’s house and drank. I was like 18 and it was when I first started staying out all night. It was fun.

The show itself was cool. This dude let us borrow a really heavy duty PA and it sounded so good. The turnout was decent but it was also disappointing that not very many of my friends from Boise showed up (if I even have any). I don’t think I’ll play in Boise/that area again. Not because of I’m salty but just because I don’t see any reason I would play there again. Some of my friends came to the show so it was cool to see them and talk about stuff. After the show Isaac and I went to Los Betos and then a cop pulled me over and screamed at me and then did a U-turn and sped off. It was wild.

The show tonight in Walla Walla was a lot of fun. I’ve never been here before but people were going crazy for mine and Isaac’s set. Someone got so hyped up he started skateboarding in the middle of Isaac’s set. I was able to see Keith (Tim Blood and the Gutpanthers) and Ellen (amazing photographer) who I’ve known for a really long time. I met Keith AT the manor in 2011 and I’ve known Ellen since I was in high school. She took a really cool picture of me at this Boise house venue called Grandma’s House when I was like 15 or 16.

Bellingham is tomorrow.