Hot Leather

End Of Tour

There was a crazy snow storm on the way to Bellingham and it freaked me out driving but it was pretty chill. We stopped in Ellensburg and went to the whale bone tree. I’ve been there before but Isaac hadn’t.

The show in Bellingham was a lot of fun. It reminded me of old shows I used to go to. I didn’t realize that bit would be so cold though. We couldn’t fall asleep so I drove the 5 hours to Portland and now we’re just hanging out. I wish I had brought boots because it’s so snowy here but I’m glad I brought pants. I almost didn’t.

I also dropped off the Portland show tomorrow. With the cancellation of the Olympia show and the cancellation of the Reno show I feel like there’s no point in even doing it anymore. I’m gonna drive back to LA probably tomorrow or later today (I haven’t slept yet so probably tomorrow).

I started booking the tour in November and even though there’s no way I could have anticipated all this stuff happening, I still feel like shit knowing that it ended this way. I was really looking forward to it. This sucks for real. I’m gonna put the tour merch online when I get home.I feel like pure shit, this was possibly the most massive L of my life that I’ve taken.

It feels really selfish to make this all about me when people are dying and also super sick but it still sucks that I took time off work, printed so much merch, rented a car, and put it all on a credit card expecting to pay it off.

Thanks so much to everyone who booked the shows, housed us, and came to the shows that we did play. I had a lot of fun performing and I had a lot of fun meeting everyone who came out.

When I get home I’m gonna start working on the new Hot Leather EP so hopefully you’ll be able to hear that soon.